Jordan Kayall and his co-hosts; Josh, Jasmine, Nars, and Stephon, bring you a variety of new interesting, eclectic topics each week, with a fun, easy to follow perspective.

Apolonia (AKA Apple), joins me to talk about conspiracies, government greed and manipulation, the many uses of marijuana, chasing little boys on foot, astrology, spiritual poo, Star Seeds, and how she very well may be an alien. 

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You may have noticed that I haven't been putting out Kayallscope episodes very frequently, that's because I'm spending most of my time on my new history podcast "This Year In History". I will still release episodes here, but check out my new, educational history podcast with my good friend Merisa (from episode 25) on all podcast platforms. It's fun, easy to digest, short, (30 minutes episodes) and if you're not careful, you just might learn something. 

The new podcast is titled 

"This Year In History" by Merisa and Jordan



101 days in quarantine and I'm feeling the same symptoms I did in March. This is audio from a Facebook live video I did. 
I made this my first "bonus" episode because there is no topic in particular, just me having a one way conversation to people on my Facebook live video. I discuss COVID-19, and my experience with it in March. I talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, and my experience at the first San Antonio protest for George Floyd. I talk about policies for police officers and my experiences, both positive and negative which involved being pulled over by police or interacting with police. Here is something rather than nothing. Enjoy, or not. This is just a unedited bonus episode, so there's no song at the end. The video version will be available on YouTube.

Richard Wilmore of The Richard Wilmore Show, joins me in my third online quarantine episode to talk about the online entertainment frenzy, coffee farms in a bathroom window box, and aging parents. Check out The Richard Wilmore Show on YouTube in the link below. (I'm on Season 3 Episode 8 if you want to know my secrets). Hilarity prevails. 

The Richard Wilmore Show YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK7kX2oJOdsDKw3eNuicleg

Closing music is "Reverbs" by Baum

Check out my new, educational history podcast with my good friend Merisa (from episode 25) on all podcast platforms. The new podcast is titled 

"This Year In History" by Merisa and Jordan

In this episode I speak with stand up comedian Tanveer Arora about him being Sikh, Bollywood, Punjabi, diet, comedy, woke culture, and the 40+ days of quarantine. 

You can find out more about Tanveer and his work on his website www.tanveerarora.com

YouTube  www.youtube.com/tanveerarora

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tsacomedian/

Featured song is "One" by The Fanatics
I'd post their links but they're all dead links. (They must not exist anymore)

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In this very special episode Jordan and Merisa (from the Dirty Purse Podcast) host each other to give you a combined episode to give you a two shows in one. Jordan interviews Merisa about her apocalyptic team, whilst Merisa interviews Jordan about his possible COVID-19 disease experience. The yellow liquid leaks in this unique episode and there will be a part 2 of this episode next week. 

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This episode's ending song is "Too Gone - (featuring Tamara Moore)" by [pseudonym]



After recording amazing content for 25 minutes, Toby realised that one of our guest's microphones wasn't being recorded, so we started the conversation again, with better information. Take a listen for yourself to learn about "eating ass culture" as Ian gives you the history of the invention of eating ass. We talk about Indians and their delicious food smells, along with sugar babies paying for their daughter's day care with their great value price of $125 a day rate, to do whatever you like with them, with the first trial session being free. Hilarity prevails in this episode, as Ian and his wife Samantha explain these normalised millennial trends a second time. 

Music on this episode is Follow The Leader by SirDiamnd

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On another episode of Kayallscope, Stephon and Jasmine defend Kayne not being retarded. Karen Ross Garrett, known as "Rossy" in the Kayallscope TV show makes an audible appearance to contribute her knowledge and innuendos in the commentary. The Nars laughs in the background with a live audience and special musical guest Gee Tee talks about his luh for his luher, and presents his song "Love U Right". 



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Closing music is "Love U Right" by Gee Tee




In this live recording of Kayallscope, Jordan interviews actor/director/singer/dancer/comedian Jade Esteban Estrada on his journey throughout his career in show business. 

In this interview they discuss, how to choose a career as an actor and comedian, how to get started, and advice on making a career as a performer.  

Song: "I Don't Eat Tacos" by Jade Esteban Estrada (live performance)

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This is the one year anniversary special with Jordan Kayall, featuring Joshua Wayne and Jazz Manhattan and this episode is curtains. They talk about different scenarios of possible apocalyptic happenings, the people that ruin everything for everyone, Ray Finkel and Cory Parkey's missed field goals, Jordan's Ancestry results, Conan O'Brien's Walker Texas Ranger clips, bi-weekly vs bi-monthly, Two Thousand and late-een, and a sprinkle of Cardi B. Join the fun, as this new episode introduces new ideas for future podcasts. 



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Closing music is "Scourge" by Elusory



Conan's Walker Texas Ranger Lever clips


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If you're all alone and depressed, countdown the new year with Jordan, Jazz Manhattan and Alyson Alonzo. Even if it isn't New Year's Eve, you'll enjoy this one, as they review the year of 2018, from The #metoo Movement, Netflix original movies, the queer folk, transracial people, Tim Duncan, LGBTQ, Patty Mills, Stonewall, sound effects with mouths, Lena Dunham, weed tours, life in the music business, and the people that will all die in 2019.

Start this episode at exactly 10:38pm and 47 seconds (22:38:47) in your time zone to count down with them. 

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This episode's song is "Get Me High" by Alyson Alonzo


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