The first Kayallscope podcast recorded in front of a live audience at The Overtime Theater.
Jordan and Stephon interview Street Epistemologist, Anthony Magnabosco on his methods and techniques of his learned skill of street epistemology. Anthony talks about street epistemology and shows a few clips from his YouTube channel to a live audience as they comment on the videos afterwards. 
Different members of the audience come up to the microphone to test their beliefs, as well as participate in the Q&A towards the end.
There is a live performance from Alyson Alonzo at the end of the podcast.

Call Kayallscope at 240-428-8336 to have your questions, comments or complaints aired in the next episode. 

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Playlist of Street Epistemology Quick-Clips:

Musical guest Alyson Alonzo can be heard on YouTube, Facebook and Spotify

This episode was sponsored by The Fat Ass Ranch and Winery
and The Overtime Theater

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